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Frame Tent or Pole Tent?

While all our commercial party tents are crafted with the same high quality American made vinyl (from Herculite) and constructed with the same love and care right here in Green Bay, WI – there are some key differences to note when choosing between a pole tent and a frame tent.

A commercial pole tent (also called a high peak tent, tension tent, circus tent) is designed to have center poles that give it swooping peaks and is held up by tension using ratchets and stakes around the perimeter of the tent.  Here are the benefits of a pole tent:

  • Pole tents can be expanded to pretty much any size – as compared to standard (West Coast Style) frame tents which typically top out at 40′ wide and 80′ or 100′ long.
  • Pole tents have a classic tent look – with big peaks and swooping fabric.  Which from our experience, makes pole tents more popular with customers.
  • Pole tents are easier to install with a smaller crew (the head installer for our rental business has been known to install a large 40′ wide pole tent with only 2 people).
  • Pole tents are quicker to setup and takedown
  • Pole tents are typically cheaper to purchase – for example our 20×40 pole tent package is ~$2,000 while the corresponding frame tent is ~$2,500 (as a frame tent uses a large amount of aluminum – which is an expensive raw material).
  • Pole tents have limited hardware on the under-side of the tent – meaning that customers see mostly pretty white vinyl and not lots of poles or clips.  This is typically important for our wedding customers.  However, many wedding planners or brides will order a tent liner or use their own fabric to decorate the aluminum poles in a frame tent – so this isn’t always an issue.

A commercial frame tent (also called a West-coast style tent) isn’t as grandiose as a classic pole tent – but it has several important benefits:

  • A frame tent is composed of an aluminum structure (we use all 2″ diameter, 1/8″ wall anodized aluminum tubing) and metal fittings.  This structure allows for the tent to be a free-span structure – with no center poles in the middle of tent.  Many of our rental customers prefer not to have center poles if they are putting something large under the tent, want to preserve site lines in under the tent or are using it for a wedding ceremony where they don’t want poles in the middle of the aisle.
  • All the ‘effort’ to hold up a frame tent is spread throughout the aluminum structure of the tent.  As such, the number of stakes used to anchor a frame tent is typically lower than for a pole tent (although you should ALWAYS stake a frame tent at every pole).
  • A frame tent can be setup over a driveway or asphalt when staking is not an option.  Instead of stakes, customers will use ballasts such as concrete blocks.

Please contact us with any questions about our pole or frame tents!

Financing Your Commercial Tent Purchase

When it comes to making a big purchase for your rental business, conventional logic typically dictates that you use profits from the previous year to fund the purchase.  However, based on the old adage “Cash is King” – is this really the best approach?

Let’s take a look at two scenarios and how they affect your cash on hand:

Scenario #1 – Buy 40×80 tent top outright ($4,800 cash payment)

  • $4,800 comes out of your bank account on day one and you are -$4,800 from a cash perspective.
  • By month 5 you have rented your tent 5 times at $1,000 a pop and paid your tent off…but are just now starting to be cash flow positive.
  • Here is simple table showing how the first 12 months look from a cash flow perspective:

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 3.05.29 PM

As you can see, there are several months of negative cash as your our cash outlay for the purchase don’t line up with the cash inflows from rental revenues.

Scenario #2 – Buy the 40×80 tent top utilizing financing at 12% over 48 months

  • Your payment is roughly $126 per month
  • If you rent the tent once per month for $1,000 a pop (as above), you will be cash flow positive from day 1.
  • Here is simple table showing how the first 12 months look from a cash flow perspective:


Because your payments more closely match with the rentals of the tent, your cash flow is significantly better.  In fact, here is a graph showing the difference in cash between Scenario #2 (Financing) and Scenario #1 (Outright purchase).

Benefits of Financing

The cash on hand from financing is higher all the way through Month 38 (just over 3 years).  Of course, the interest that comes along with financing comes into play and the outright purchase will provide you with a final ending cash position.  However, there is no penalty for paying the loan off after 12 months.  So while you can get the low payment schedule of a 48 (or even 60 month term), since you have the tent paid off in the first year (gotta love how quick those NEW Tents pay off!), you could pay off the loan after 12 months and cut your interest charges significantly.

Obviously, if you have a big cash influx from a profitable year, and can comfortably pay for a tent up front, you should do so.  But if you find that cash is tight or are looking for ways to grow your business, financing may be an options.  Here are more details about financing through Advantage+ (our preferred vendor):

  • No penalty for early payments after 12 months.
  • Competitive rates – anywhere from 10-15% depending on your credit score and company financials.  Much better than most credit cards.  Not as good as a bank loan rate – but much less hoops to jump through and typically easier to obtain financing.
  • A one page application and an answer in just days.
  • You own the equipment outright at the end of the term (no buyouts, like other financing companies have)
  • No additional collateral is typically needed to secure the loan – as the equipment is used to secure the loan

For more information, please contact your NEW Sales Rep or contact Advantage+ directly through their website at

**The above calculations assume the following:

  • A 40×80 can be rented for $1,000 and is rented once per month (or 12 times per year)
  • Financing is at 12% over 48 months

Introducing our newest commercial tent series!

N.E.W. Tent Manufacturing today announced the launch of a two new commercial tent product lines – the Green Series and the Gold Series – to better serve the diverse needs of its customers.  “Our customers have a variety of factors that influence the type of commercial tents they need to support their rental operations.  We understand the challenge our customers are facing and have responded by expanding our product portfolio to include options that will meet the full spectrum of their needs,” said Tony Ehrbar, president and CEO of N.E.W. Tent Manufacturing.  “Our primary goal is to provide customers with the highest quality party tents at price points that provide value and are going to drive the best return on investment for their specific business needs.”

For those small business owners and purchasing managers on a budget, the Green Series commercial tent line provides an affordable option that still meets the high quality standards of N.E.W. Tent Manufacturing.  Made of imported vinyl sourced from certified mills in China to ensure consistent quality and color, the Green Series tent line provides economical commercial tent models that allow customers to save money without sacrificing quality.

The Gold Series tent line is made with American-made Herculite vinyl and includes reinforced webbing belts in the hip and ridge lines of the tent for added strength.  It was designed using the industry standard M-Panel software (a CAD based software) and includes panels cut with a CNC cutting machine to ensure accurate cuts and better quality – which sets the Gold Series tent line apart for those customers that need a higher-end commercial tent model.

“All of our commercial party tents pay back 4 to 6 rentals earlier than our competitors.  But we know there is still a trade-off between price and the level of quality our customers need.  That’s why we decided to provide the Green Series commercial tent line for our more budget-conscious customers that are still highly discerning around quality and the premier Gold Series commercial tent line for our customers that need top-of-the-line tents at a price that still makes sense for their businesses.”

Here is a chart outlining the differences between the Green Series and Gold Series.

Green & Gold

Buying American-made

Made In America Logo

One of the things that we are most proud of is that our commercial tents are all made here in the good ol’ US of A (Green Bay, WI to be exact).  This allows for several important benefits for both you and the economy:

  • We employee a team of great workers right here in Green Bay
  • All of our party tents are made by hand, so we are able to oversee every step in the process and avoid defects – leading to a better quality product that you don’t need to worry about falling apart.
  • Shipping costs and times are reduced – as we are just sending the tent cross country via UPS or a freight carrier.  As opposed to shipping in a cargo container, dealing with customs and then shipping within the US.

The most important raw material used in our Premier commercial party tents (the tent top vinyl) is manufactured in Emigsville, PA by Herculite.  This was one of the most important decisions for us as we looked for a vinyl supplier.  Here is what it means for you:

  • All vinyl undergoes stringent quality tests for color, quality, strength and UV or fire resistant finishes.  Thus you can be assured that:
    • You WILL NOT have miscolored panels in the tent
    • The vinyl WILL NOT have defects that could lead to easy tearing or stretching
    • The vinyl WILL last longer.
  • You are supporting another American company and American workers.

Does your commercial tent manufacturer make their pole tents and frame tents here in the US?  Or are they made in China and imported?  It’s an important question to ask for the long term success of your rental company and for the US economy as a whole.

Our tents pay back 4-6 rentals earlier!

Overhead under budget

As small business owners or purchasing managers – we all have a budget we need to stick to and are constantly considering the payback or return on investment (ROI) for a large purchase we are making.  So why not stretch your tent budget further with an NEW Tent.

Here is a simple example showing exactly how our tent prices compare to a large commercial tent manufacturer’s prices, using a 40×80 Pole Tent Package:

NEW Tent :: 40×80 Pole Tent Package (tent, ratchets, stakes, poles) = $6,999
Competitor :: 40×80 Pole Tent Package (tent, ratchets, stakes, poles) = $14,751.58
Price Difference :: $7,752.58!! (PROFIT that goes right into your pocket)

# of Rentals to payback tents (at various rental rates)
$1,000 Party Tent Rental

NEW Tent :: 7 rentals
Comp Tent :: 15 rentals
Difference :: 8 Rentals earlier

$1,500 Party Tent Rental
NEW Tent :: 5 rentals
Comp Tent :: 10 rentals
Difference :: 5 Rentals earlier!!

$2,000 Party Tent Rental
NEW Tent :: 4 rentals
Comp Tent :: 8 rentals
Difference :: 4 Rentals earlier!!

Additionally, if you are trying to grow your business and have a specific budget you need to stick to for your party tents, you can buy 2 full NEW tents for the price of 1 of our competitors tents.  So instead of making $30k on one 40×80 pole tent (assuming $1,500 per rental and 20 rentals a year) you can make $60k on two 40×80 pole tents.  And if you are in a location where you aren’t limited by the seasons, you can make even more.

Finally, let’s say you have a budget of $15,000 for the year and needed to buy a 40×80 tent and some nice new white wood chairs.  If you bought a competitors party tent, you would get just that – the tent.  If you bought an NEW party tent, you would be able to buy a tent and have $8,000 left to buy 400 chairs (@ $20 a chair from a site like

Any way you slice it – an NEW Tent is going to help you make a profit quicker!

Visit us at the ARA Rental Show – Booth #4972

The Rental Show


We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s ARA Rental Show in New Orleans, LA for the first time.  The show runs from February 21-25, with the tradeshow floor open from the 23rd to the 25th.

For those that have never attended, The Rental Show is the biggest tradeshow for event rental companies to meet great suppliers, view new products and (hopefully) purchase their inventory for the year.  While there will be many commercial tent manufacturers at the show, we hope you will consider stopping by our booth to see what NEW Tent Manufacturing has to offer – from pole tents to frame tents and lots of commercial tent accessories (ratchets, stakes, poles and sidewalls).  Don’t blow your entire party tent budget on only a few pole tents or frame tents when you can stretch your budget further with a NEW Tent.  Our commercial tents pay off 4-6 rentals quicker than our competitors – while still providing a quality product that you can use for years to come.

We will be offering a great Show Only Special – a free solid sidewall or 8 ratchet straps (an $80 value) for every $500 you spend.

Additionally, we will have a special gift for everyone who visits the booth and will be having a raffle to win a 30×30 16oz commercial tent top (a $1,350 value!).