Buying American-made

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One of the things that we are most proud of is that our commercial tents are all made here in the good ol’ US of A (Green Bay, WI to be exact).  This allows for several important benefits for both you and the economy:

  • We employee a team of great workers right here in Green Bay
  • All of our party tents are made by hand, so we are able to oversee every step in the process and avoid defects – leading to a better quality product that you don’t need to worry about falling apart.
  • Shipping costs and times are reduced – as we are just sending the tent cross country via UPS or a freight carrier.  As opposed to shipping in a cargo container, dealing with customs and then shipping within the US.

The most important raw material used in our Premier commercial party tents (the tent top vinyl) is manufactured in Emigsville, PA by Herculite.  This was one of the most important decisions for us as we looked for a vinyl supplier.  Here is what it means for you:

  • All vinyl undergoes stringent quality tests for color, quality, strength and UV or fire resistant finishes.  Thus you can be assured that:
    • You WILL NOT have miscolored panels in the tent
    • The vinyl WILL NOT have defects that could lead to easy tearing or stretching
    • The vinyl WILL last longer.
  • You are supporting another American company and American workers.

Does your commercial tent manufacturer make their pole tents and frame tents here in the US?  Or are they made in China and imported?  It’s an important question to ask for the long term success of your rental company and for the US economy as a whole.