Introducing our newest commercial tent series!

N.E.W. Tent Manufacturing today announced the launch of a two new commercial tent product lines – the Green Series and the Gold Series – to better serve the diverse needs of its customers.  “Our customers have a variety of factors that influence the type of commercial tents they need to support their rental operations.  We understand the challenge our customers are facing and have responded by expanding our product portfolio to include options that will meet the full spectrum of their needs,” said Tony Ehrbar, president and CEO of N.E.W. Tent Manufacturing.  “Our primary goal is to provide customers with the highest quality party tents at price points that provide value and are going to drive the best return on investment for their specific business needs.”

For those small business owners and purchasing managers on a budget, the Green Series commercial tent line provides an affordable option that still meets the high quality standards of N.E.W. Tent Manufacturing.  Made of imported vinyl sourced from certified mills in China to ensure consistent quality and color, the Green Series tent line provides economical commercial tent models that allow customers to save money without sacrificing quality.

The Gold Series tent line is made with American-made Herculite vinyl and includes reinforced webbing belts in the hip and ridge lines of the tent for added strength.  It was designed using the industry standard M-Panel software (a CAD based software) and includes panels cut with a CNC cutting machine to ensure accurate cuts and better quality – which sets the Gold Series tent line apart for those customers that need a higher-end commercial tent model.

“All of our commercial party tents pay back 4 to 6 rentals earlier than our competitors.  But we know there is still a trade-off between price and the level of quality our customers need.  That’s why we decided to provide the Green Series commercial tent line for our more budget-conscious customers that are still highly discerning around quality and the premier Gold Series commercial tent line for our customers that need top-of-the-line tents at a price that still makes sense for their businesses.”

Here is a chart outlining the differences between the Green Series and Gold Series.

Green & Gold