Our tents pay back 4-6 rentals earlier!

Overhead under budget

As small business owners or purchasing managers – we all have a budget we need to stick to and are constantly considering the payback or return on investment (ROI) for a large purchase we are making.  So why not stretch your tent budget further with an NEW Tent.

Here is a simple example showing exactly how our tent prices compare to a large commercial tent manufacturer’s prices, using a 40×80 Pole Tent Package:

NEW Tent :: 40×80 Pole Tent Package (tent, ratchets, stakes, poles) = $6,999
Competitor :: 40×80 Pole Tent Package (tent, ratchets, stakes, poles) = $14,751.58
Price Difference :: $7,752.58!! (PROFIT that goes right into your pocket)

# of Rentals to payback tents (at various rental rates)
$1,000 Party Tent Rental

NEW Tent :: 7 rentals
Comp Tent :: 15 rentals
Difference :: 8 Rentals earlier

$1,500 Party Tent Rental
NEW Tent :: 5 rentals
Comp Tent :: 10 rentals
Difference :: 5 Rentals earlier!!

$2,000 Party Tent Rental
NEW Tent :: 4 rentals
Comp Tent :: 8 rentals
Difference :: 4 Rentals earlier!!

Additionally, if you are trying to grow your business and have a specific budget you need to stick to for your party tents, you can buy 2 full NEW tents for the price of 1 of our competitors tents.  So instead of making $30k on one 40×80 pole tent (assuming $1,500 per rental and 20 rentals a year) you can make $60k on two 40×80 pole tents.  And if you are in a location where you aren’t limited by the seasons, you can make even more.

Finally, let’s say you have a budget of $15,000 for the year and needed to buy a 40×80 tent and some nice new white wood chairs.  If you bought a competitors party tent, you would get just that – the tent.  If you bought an NEW party tent, you would be able to buy a tent and have $8,000 left to buy 400 chairs (@ $20 a chair from a site like www.foldingchairs4less.com).

Any way you slice it – an NEW Tent is going to help you make a profit quicker!