Delivery Information

We have 4 delivery options available for customers - to ensure you get the best price, quality and service.

1. R&L Carriers - For larger orders (tents, full packages, etc) we have negotiated extremely competitive rates for customers due to our shipping volume.  Timeframe is typically 2-4 days depending on where we are shipping to in the US.  We also ship to Canada and the rest of the world.

2. UPS - we utilize UPS for small order (small tents, accessories).  All UPS shipping options are typically available.

3. Your carrier - if your carrier gives better rates or timeframes, we are happy to go through them.  Just let us know at time of order.

4. Pick-up - the most economical option, assuming you are close to Green Bay.  We have two loading docs and one overhead drive up door plus the necessary material handling equipment to load your order.  If you are in Wisconsin, we could also try to workout a drop-off direct to you if we are coming that direction for a rental job with room.

All shipping through R&L or UPS is paid for upon ordering to ensure there aren't any delays.

Thanks for your business!

N.E.W. Tent Manufacturing...We're In Tents

We manufacture and sell all our party tents right here in Green Bay, WI with high quality materials.  We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and creating a superior product to fit your needs - whether in the event rental industry or for your small business or event venue.  As owners of a successful party tent rental business (, we understand exactly what customers want when buying or purchasing a commercial party tent.  

We sell pole tents, frame tents and many tent accessories - including ratchets, tent sidewalls, commercial tent stakes and poles.  We have sold our commercial party tents all over the world.  If you are looking for a party tent manufacturer - we hope you will consider buying American Made with N.E.W. Tent Manufacturing.

While N.E.W. officially stands for NorthEast Wisconsin, we also want it to signify a NEW way of doing business in the event rental industry.  Some of the factors that we think make us different are:

  • All our tents are custom made :: allowing you to choose your vinyl weight and color, hardware, size, poles, finishing, etc.
  • We are our own customers through our sister rental company :: which means our tents are all battle tested and every NEW employee has experience setting up our tents.
  • We don't just want to sell you tents, we want to develop a partnership :: whether that be through referral programs, fair price points, conversations about running a rental business or other business advice.
  • We are American-made :: buying from us supports the local economy and your tent is only a few days away if you need a tent in an emergency
  • To read more, visit our About Us page.

We are proud to announce our newest commercial tents - the Green Series and Gold Series.  View the pole tent and frame tent pages for more details.  Checkout our blog for the official release details.

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